wow really fucking confused that was like a mind fuck idek what to think

im kinna depressed bc aiden didnt wish me happy birthday and then my bestfriends are sleeping through my birthday like wake the fuck up this is bullshit

i just want to spill out my heart to you but it’d probably just be useless and now im alone and depressed and wishing i could sleep since i have no cigarettes to distract my lips from wanting to tell you everthing

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i scowl at every hot girl picture you post bc it disgusts me bc im not that physically attractive

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i fucked up hella bad

no comment


idek what im supposed to do with myself??? i really just wanna call it quits…

literally thinking about killing myself its about fucking time i took care of this poor excuse for a life

i’ve been puking and trying to not eat that much but idek if its working bc i don’t have a fucking scale and i’m dying!


my chest hurts from throwing up..

i need to diet again as well..

i think its all a little ridiculous…that i come over and we play house and fuck and then i leave and we’re back to being lovey all over again. but idk if its real or if you just need someone around…

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